Today I go on a journey to Eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV

Today I start Final Fantasy XIV. With Final Fantasy being my favorite franchise of all time and MMORPG’s being my favorite genre of all time… I can’t wait.

To all of my fellow companions out there in Eorzea, I will be playing on the Cactaur World and would love to have you by my side.

How Airman ruined my day

Airman - Mega Man 2

I’ve been listening to every single Mega Man song and remix I can get my hands on today thanks to this Airman cosplay.

Mod Review: The Mothership Zeta Crew for Fallout 3

Mothership Zeta Crew for Fallout 3

Welcome back to another week of Mod reviews with Richard A Smasher. This week I thought I’d mix it up a bit by reviewing a mod for Fallout 3. Let me go ahead and tell you, due to some downstairs mix-ups with all the mods I run on Fallout 3, that I cannot take screenshots without a lot of increased effort on my part.

Due to the fact that I am a complete lazy ass I will not be including screenshots in this mod review, please excuse this infraction.

Regardless, this Fallout 3 mod is called Mothership Zeta Crew and it happens to be one of my favorite mods of all time.

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